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February 20th,2009 8:43 PM

mood: sad

So I have this bug of DOOM that just won't go away. Today I actually threw up blood. So I should probably try to see a doctor tomorrow. If I had money and all. >_>

This just freakin' makes me mad though, I had plans this weekend. HEAR THAT, BODY?! Thanks for nothing.

Someone just kill me, please?

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February 1st,2009 6:15 PM

Survey says...    
mood: lazy

Taking a break from getting ready for tomorrow to veg for awhile. Which means filling out one of those totally pointless, completely addicting surveys! Bwaha.

I'm tiredCollapse )

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January 5th,2009 1:04 AM

New hair cut, bass lessons, friends, and teh ex, oh my!    
mood: good

Whew! I must confess... the Epicthon beat me. I made it about halfway through Return of the King at 3 A.M. and fell asleep on the floor. SADNESS. *sniffle* Well, I tried. Of course strwberry_patch stayed awake for all of it, damn her.

Got up today and went over to Michael's for a bass lesson. Used my amp for the first time, veeeery nice. It's amazing how much of a difference that makes in playing it, haha. And of course we discovered there is a jack on the amp for headphones so I can actually play with the amp any time I want. Yays! My homework is working on my reach, since I've been cursed with small hands. >_>

After the bass lesson, Michael, strwberry_patch, and I went to Marshalls to check out the hat Michael was drooling over. I ended up buying it plus the hoodie he wanted as a Christmas/birthday/thanks for the bass lessons present. :) Plus he looks sexy in them, so bonus eye candy! Headed back home for dinner (my favorite, Mexican, mmm!) and stopped on the way to pick up Sunshine since he wanted to hang out. strwberry_patch and Michael watched youtube stuff while Sunshine played Kingdom Hearts 2, and I fixed my laptop since Vista hates me and my sound display disappeared. However with my elite computer skillz and some advice from the computer tech Dad it is now fixed, and I can once again rock out youtube! W00t.

Right now the four of us have a plan of renting an apartment together somewhere in West Nashville. Either a 2 or 3 bedroom, 1 or 2 bath since we're okay with bunking together (I just shared a room with 40+ other females, I think I can handle just one who is my sister haha). So rent would only be around $200 a piece for each of us, and Internet is about $50, electricity probably around $100... so it won't be that bad split between the four of us. Plus it gets me out of the house! >_> Tomorrow morning we plan on going to check out the apartments I found online and see what are options all. I'm very excited! I can't wait to have my own place again so I can have people over whenever I want like I did in Clarksville. :)

Last night I talked to Caleb for the first time in awhile for four hours. Everyone was like "noooo, you'll just get hurt again, he's not worth your time!" but really, it didn't affect me. Yeah, it still hurts, but it's not the deep stabbing pain it was at the beginning. More like a wistfulness. Like I told him, I am happy right now. I've got great friends and family who for some reason seem to love me like crazy, and I've got my whole future ahead of me. What is there to be sad about? :)

Sometime this week a group of us is doing an overnight camping thing on Michael's family land which is supposedly haunted. VERY EXCITED. XD Here's to hopefully seeing an apparition!

Showing off my new hair style with Sunshine! (I think this is the shortest I've had it since I was a kid, lol)

You're part of my entity, here for InfinityCollapse )

I have actually been writing! 'Tis scary. I guess my new layout has sparked my creativity, lol.

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January 3rd,2009 6:44 PM

LotR EPICTHON of Extended Edition-ness!!    
mood: amused

strwberry_patch and I are going to watch all three of the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition back to back tonight.





And yes, we are geeks.

But this is going to be so awesome! *fangirl squee*

Please check back throughout the night for updates. XD

6:55: Fellowship of the Ring begins

Does anyone have MSN/Windows Live?

I'm bored. XD

7:46: Trying to drool over Strider!Aragorn while listening to Michael rant on the phone about hate crimes and atheists is very, very difficult. Sigh.

9:31: Gandalf is no longer with us. Sniff.

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December 31st,2008 11:53 PM

Here's to 2009...    
mood: drained

Happy New Year, everyone! Best of wishes for 2009. :)


Well, I kissed my cat at midnight since he was the only suitable one around. strwberry_patch ended up kissing the new cat, Liza. I had a glass of the bubbly stuff that is (amazingly) staying down. :)

New Year's Resolutions:

-Get in touch with my creative side again. Writing, doodles, graphics designs, whatever.
-Get my career going, even if that means just getting my foot in the door.
-Read a 1,000 books... just because.
-Learn to play my bass reasonably well.
-Do more caving!

Yep, seems like a good start.

'Night, all! <3

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December 19th,2008 7:40 PM

For Em-chan: Merry Christmas! <3    
mood: busy

saiou: As promised, my lovely, here is thy layout complete with lots of Kaiba and Yami goodness. It's not exactly like the original design that I sent you, but I hope it's close enough. :)

Layout stuff under hereCollapse )

If you see anything wrong with it or want something different, just let me know, k? This is technically your Christmas present until I have more money, because what I really want to get you and blantoncirith is out of my price range at the moment. XD

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December 18th,2008 11:08 PM

Voice Post    
mood: tired

98K 0:31

Transcribed by: marieamethyst

I sound so freakin' DRUGGED. =0 I blame the Tramadol.

Like I said though, I'm back and I missed you ALLLLLLL! For the people who wrote me at OSUT: thank you! *squish* blantoncirith, the look on the Drill Sergeant's face when he saw the squirrel mascot was priceless and still cracks me up. XD And saiou, apparently I'm not allowed to receive mail with The Little Mermaid stickers on it without being on crack. So, longer post later and I shall attempt to tackle my flist and get caught up with everyone.

lynn2064, Mom cancelled the tickets I had for Exodus, so I guess I'm buying a plane ticket up to Chicago. But it shall be worth it to see my sister and brother-in-law. <3

And for the Final Fantasy fans on my flist *cough jaydesummers cough*, I present this to you:

Yeah, somehow we got distracted from putting up my best friend's Mom's Christmas tree to play with weapons. Go figure.

'Night all, love you guys! :)

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September 9th,2008 9:13 AM

Marie Update!!!! 9/08/08    

Hello all, this is Jess a.k.a Marie's older sister with a little update from Marie. I have only gotten two letters so far so the update will be brief. I also have her address information if anyone needs it still.

Marie is doing fine so far she thinks she likes the training although she isn't too sure about some of the girls she is bunking with right now. She has found a group of four other specialists who she has a bit in common with mainly looser ex's at this point :)
She has one complaint about the food, they don't give them enough time to eat it! She said that she's pretty much always hungry right now because she never gets to finish all of her meals. Finally, Sunday's are her favorite days because she can sleep in until 6AM and watch a movie :)

That is all from Marie for now, as I get more letters I will update again. If you want me to relay something back to her post it as a comment and I will let her know.


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August 19th,2008 2:41 PM

Well guys...    
mood: hopeful

The time is almost here. I'm going to spend my last hour getting everything organized and make sure I have all the stuff I need. I have a bunch of addresses so I'll be sending out postcards within the next couple of days so we can get the letter exchanges going.

I was going to write this long entry with a bunch of sappy stuff, but it's just not happening. Besides, I think the people that I love know that. <3 So take care guys, my sister may or may not post the stuff I send her for anyone interested in keeping up with my training. And my Mom will be updating on my Facebook. I luff you all and wish you guys the best! See you on the flip side of things. <3

Be thinking of me while I am stuck at Ft. Leonard Wood for 5 months...


Edit: I forgot to mention that I did 20 push-ups this morning! Definitely an improvement considering I could only do 1 at a time when I started. And it's only going to get better! :D

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July 30th,2008 9:17 AM

Indian Grave Point cave    
mood: accomplished

Ohhhhhh God, am I sore. Sore in places I didn't really know I could be sore in. Even lifting my cup of tea hurts. BUT OMG IT WAS A BLAST! *thud*

Got up at 6 A.M. to get ready and finish packing. Jodi arrived a little after 7, then we piled into Annie's car. Make a quick stop to pick up Michael and then Dan over in East Nashville, before actually getting on the road toward DeKalb County. Stopped at the gas station/grocery store that was about 15 minutes from the cave and fueled up (both the car and us) and got our last bathroom break in. The cave itself was rather easy to find. Between the directions from Mapquest to the address near the cave, the aerial pictures of the area from above that I printed off, and some signs posted by the owner along the fence, we found the parking area and ladder without a problem. Right after we had got out of the car and was getting ready another car pulled up behind ours and out came 6 other people and equipment. Those were some hardcore people, lol. We left them organizing and started the long trek up the hill (and that is one hell of a hike up the side of that hill) to the entrance of the cave.

The entrance to Indian Grave Point is actually down in a sinkhole, so you have to climb down to it using a rope. Once we all got down we started the exploration! ...And proceeded to find the room filled with evil-suction mud of DOOM. Both Annie and Michael managed to lose their shoes in the mud and had to pull them out of it, and I kept getting caught in the suction. By the time we crossed the room we were all covered in wet mud up to our knees/thighs. Spent a little time exploring the cave over there, but it turned out to just be a dead end. So back we go through the mud. We met up with the other group after that and they directed us to the tunnel that we needed to find to keep going on. (they were carrying a raft between them so I guess they were going to the lake) We find the tunnel (a little hole in the wall that we walked right by) and continue on deeper into the cave. Ran into the group again and we all took a break together. They had brought some candles and had a bunch of snacks and drinks, so we sat around talking lol. One of the guys climbed up a "chimney" with no kind of gear, IT WAS IMPRESSIVE. =0 If he had slipped at that height he could have broken a lot of bones or even died. Our group continued on, though we bumped into them several more times.

We didn't find a lot of the "main attractions" of Indian Grave Point during the four hours we were down there, but the parts of the cave we did see were beautiful and we did some amazing climbing. Scaled several vertical walls that had ropes attached to them, which was a huge challenge for me (still working on getting over my fear of heights... but that cave helped!). We did a lot of walking over ledges with long drops to the bottom on one side of us, and lots of climbs up and down rock walls where one slip would mean tumbling down. Looking back, a lot of that stuff we did was crazy... we could have fell and broken something quite easily. But it was so worth the risk! XD Afterward we jumped into the creek on the other side of the road and washed off some of the mud, then piled back into the car and headed home.

Not the greatest description of what we did, but it really is one of those things you have to experience yourself. Didn't really get any images of the cool climbs we did; was too busy trying not to slip or planning on how to scale the rocks to think about taking pictures haha.

If you get a chance, go explore Indian Grave Point cave!!! It is so worth it. *__*

Just a little muddy, lol.

Lots of climbing and crawling and mud. And pretty countryside!Collapse )

All of the images (we had four disposable cameras from Wal-Mart) can be found either on my Facebook or Myspace.

We have already begun to plan the next cave outing, probably Espey Cave. Can't wait! :)

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