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Wha? An update?

So saiou, being the totally wonderful awesome person that she is, bought me a paid account so I could access the style coding that I had done for her Yami/Kaiba layout. And I figured it would be such a waste to not take advantage of the paid account, so here I am. XD

First off, new layout!! Yes, I realize I have an unhealthy obsession with Thrawn and Star Wars. No, I really don't care. ;)

Second, new job! I'm now a full time Security Officer with AlliedBarton. My current assignment is providing security for one of Deloitte's branch offices in Nashville. I work Monday through Friday, 4PM to midnight, which means I get weekends AND holidays off! It's pretty spiffy. Plus all of the employees at my building are super sweet. Now that I have an income I hope to go back and start working on my Master's in Homeland Security... which is about $5,000. >_> UGH.

Oh, and Jason David Frank (aka the Green/White/Red/Black Power Ranger) has a tattoo on his left arm that says "Jesus didn't tap". It's awesome. (er, UFC/MMA reference if you don't know what tap means. XD)

Zzzz... weekends just don't last as long as they should.

Stolen from saiou: XD

Character: Grand Admiral Thrawn
Series: Star Wars Expanded Universe
UGH, Thrawn... smart men were always my weakness. *sigh*

Character: Seto Kaiba
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!
He's rich, doesn't give a damn what other people think of him, and adores his little brother. Awwwwww!

Character: Tommy
Series: Power Rangers
Well considering I've had a crush on him since the 3rd grade... he even looks better with short hair, which I didn't think was possible. Mmm.

Character: Aragorn
Series: Lord of the Rings
He's been one of my all-time favorite characters since I first read LotR when I was 10. Viggo kinda just sealed the deal.

Character: Wes Janson
Series: Star Wars
I blame the X-Wing novels for this one.

Character: Wedge Antilles
Series: Star Wars
Apparently I have a thing for X-Wing jocks. XD (He is one of the best pilots in the Star Wars universe... who wouldn't want to sleep with him?!)

Character: V
Series: V For Vendetta
V just kicks rear and takes names. So what if he's been burned horribly all over his body... that's what no lights are for.

Character: Graverobber
Series: Repo! the Genetic Opera
Sexiest male goth on the planet. And that voice... UGH.

Character: Erik/Phantom
Series: Phantom of the Opera
It's Gerard Butler. Need I say more?

Tags: aragorn, em-chan, graverobber, job, kaiba seto, meme, new layout, phantom, thrawn, tommy, v, wedge, wes
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ALSO. WTF. I just realized that as of May 5th, 2010, I'll have known you ten years!! WE NEED TO FUCKING MEET EACH OTHER ALREADY :LADKFJ:LSDFKJS:LDFKJ
Well... stop living so far away from me! ;;


I don't know how I've put up with you so long XD
I don't know either :| Maybe because you love me? <33?
btw, if you didn't know, JDF donated his hair to charity <33 ;D
This does not excuse him though. I adored his long hair. ;_;

*gets to use her icon!*
your meme does not shock me
It shouldn't ;P
;alskdjf XD ICON LOVE HAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

probably because I've known you for too long XD hahahah XD
*gnoms on spam* <333