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An update, as requested. :)

Moved my stuff out of the apartment with the help of my family and a U-Haul. Didn't take that long, thankfully; from the time I got the U-Haul until we brought it back was only a hour and a half. Everything is in one of the rooms downstairs for now. Going to spend the next few days going through everything to make sure it's all there. I didn't see my VCR or my bed frame, but I'm not too worried about those items. I'm also washing all of the linen and clothing since the apartment was dirty (not to mention figuring out how to disinfect my bed since the woman was on it and I don't know if she has anything gross or not). Quite excited about having my running shoes, I can finally start running again and get back into shape! :D

I also stopped by the office on the way out and let the super nice guy there know about the three people living in the apartment without being on the lease (one of them was busted for drugs, not good, lol) and how filthy the place is; not to mention the fact they messed with my stuff even though I was still paying my part of the rent. Yeah... the look on the guy's face was priceless. :) He wrote down all the information and said they'd call on Monday or so whenever the manager, Regina, decides what to do. Apparently there may be a way to get off the lease earlier, which would be beyond awesome, because they've destroyed that apartment and I don't want that to ruin my perfect renting history that I've acquired over the last couple of years. Anyway, the office workers are so nice there, I'm glad they are so understanding of my situation. The apartment would have been great if I hadn't had a roommate that lied all the time (seriously, who lies about their grandmother having a heart attack?!).

Ah well, live and learn. :) Plus I got a free lunch afterward at Jim 'n Nicks Bar-B-Q!

Got two road trips planned for June and July. On the 16th Jodi, Annie, possibly a few other people, and myself are driving up to Chicago to see the Harry Potter exhibit on display at one of the museums and do some exploring. Jodi is getting along in her pregnancy so this is probably our last big adventure before the baby is born, so we are going to enjoy it! My older sister (lynn2064) and brother-in-law are letting us crash at their place at night, so that's super nice of them!

In July Annie, Amanda, and I are driving up to D.C. to spend a weekend with Mom exploring and stuff. So blantoncirith, BE READY FOR CRAB CAKES! I've already let them know that I was stealing some time with you. :) (provided you are free, of course) I LOVE D.C., it's probably my second favorite city after San Diego (sorry, it will always be home to me). But D.C. makes the history lover in me squee with joy.

I was bad last night and went to Books-a-Million... ended up with four books, lol. Two about the Tudors stuff (Mary Tudor and Jane Boleyn, Anne Boleyn's sister-in-law), a small Japanese literature book that is adorable, and an Alice in Wonderland spin-off for Jodi since she is obsessed with Alice. Noticed for the first time that they actually have a section to sell library books. WTH?! Library books don't belong in Books-a-Million... they belong in a library! o_0

Bruce is doing much better now; his wound was infected and he was acting all depressed... but my vet gave him a shot and that seemed to do the trick. He's back to his adorable, crazy self and getting into everything. Like my Victoria's Secret bag:

Ohh, and I also have my bikini back. I can go swimming in our pool again! (and work on a tan) Keeps getting better and better!
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!! I will reserve whatever weekend you say and make sure I'm there! The last time you went to DC I was coming back from Ocean City and had to work :( teh sad!! THIS TIME, I'M THERE! I have a place I can crash close by, so I can stay late and bar hop or club or whatever you want to do. woot woot! I've never been to Dupont Circle, so we could give that a whirl? Meh, we'll worry about it then! SQUUEEE this is going to be nifty!

Also, that is like the lamest drive going sideways through TN and VA. ugh. Just hills after hills after hills of blah. Luckily, though, you can go 80mph the whole way.

And thank god you're out of there. I hope the whole place full of people get busted and charged like whoa.
Also, kitty! he's cute!!
How many more people???????
Glad you are out of the apartment mess, hopefully they get what's coming to them :D