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Thrawn oh Thrawn

If someone was to ask me who my favorite all-time character was, I'd have to say Grand Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars. Hands down. No contest. And not just because he's from Star Wars, but because he's so freakin' awesome. (Apparently I have a weakness for extremely intelligent men that study artwork to discern ways to neutralize a species. That's hardcore.) He is, after all, the only alien that the Emperor elevated to such a high status. Not to mention the fact that he almost toppled the New Republic when he assumed command of the Imperial forces. (If it wasn't for that damned Rukh!)

So a big "thank you" to Timothy Zahn for creating the awesomeness that is Thrawn. I've read my copies of the Thrawn Trilogy to the point where they are falling apart, and I own the other Thrawn-centric books that Zahn has written (Outbound Flight, etc.) plus the short stories that he did for the Star Wars Adventure Journals. Now I'm working on reading the other Star Wars EU books that contain Thrawn in some way.

I checked out "The Swarm" by John Whitman from the library and finished it in a little over a hour today (it is a children's book lol). I must say I'm rather disappointed. I was rather excited to read a little bit about Thrawn's earlier career (he is only a Captain in this book) since there is actually very little information out there about him. After reading The Swarm, however, I'm rather disappointed. Thrawn just simply was not Thrawn in it. Yes, Whitman did get a few things right, like Thrawn's love of art and his ability to understand a species by studying their art... but honestly, I just can't picture Thrawn yelling "By the Emperor!" even when startled. Or be perfectly willing to let children die in front of him. His whole attitude throughout the book was off, and it bothered me. Whitman put no effort into showing how complex Thrawn's character is. Yes, it is a children's book, but still.

This is why Zahn should be the only one allowed to protray Thrawn. Gaaaaahhhh.

/end pointless mini-rant

Oh, and I think Thrawn's expression on the cover pretty much sums it up. XD

Although I have no idea WHY Thrawn is wearing the Grand Admiral uniform when he is still just a Captain. NOTHING ABOUT THIS BOOK MAKES SENSE!
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HAhahaha, he looks constipated.