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Tennessee Renaissance Festival

So it was that time of year again, and another trip to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival! I didn't get to go with lynn2064 like I usually do, sadly; but strwberry_patch, Jodi, Tom, and Travis came. Jodi let me borrow one of her dresses that she had made, which was gorgeous! (I had three people make passes at me, tehe... including a pirate who kept asking me if I had any rich relatives that would pay ransom for me whenever we ran into each other. *wink* I think I like to flirt too much...) This year's trip was amazing. I was born in the wrong time period... except for the lack of bathing, diseases, and dying in childbirth stuff.

My favorite part of the Renn Festival? Captain Red and Mr. Jiff, of course! (plz refer to this post from last year) I love the pirates, lol. <3<3 Captain Red (Thomas Zadoyko), besides being absolutely funny and sexy and pirate-y, is very down to earth and probably one of the most approachable people at the festival. I look forward to seeing the Buckle and Swash show every year; they never fail to make me LOL. :)

Here's the more "fun" shots from this year's adventure (nowhere near as awesome as elven_ranger's pictures though!):

Second floor of Castle Gwynn

Wandering around the castle grounds

I was aiming for a fantasy pose, lol (still on the castle grounds)

Jodi and I inside the festival!

Jodi and I are going to design costumes for all of us next year. (I'm working on growing my hair back to my waist again, sorry lynn2064!) Very excited! Here's to Renn Festival '10. :)

Oh, and Captain Red agreed to take a picture with me! He told me to go "Arrr!", hence the funny face I am making. (Sorry, Jack Sparrow, you don't have a thing on him. *grin*)

(The rest of the pictures can be found on either my Myspace or Facebook; links in the top entry)
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Veryyyyy pretty. ♥ Is this like an end of year festival thing? :O
Thank you! :D Renn Festival is held every weekend in May, and it's just a chance to step back in time for a bit. :)
your dress is cool! Glad you had such a great time!
Thank you! :)