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I live! ...for the moment. XD

First off, NEW LAYOUT!!! Totally not getting ready for the 6th movie in two months. *cough* It comes complete with Snape pwning Harry and the unofficial theme music in the background.

Movies I've seen this month:

1.) Wolverine: - good movie, much better than the 3rd X-Men.
2.) Star Trek: - FANTASTIC! Loved loved loved this movie... especially young!Spock.
3.) Angels and Demons: - Another great movie! Ewan just keeps getting better and better (although he will always be Obi-Wan to me, hehe). Made me want to go explore the Vatican now!

Was supposed to go to Pirate Weekend at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival but it's storming like crazy today, so that was a no-go. Plus the family wants to do something for Dad's birthday. Oh well, next weekend! (yay, jousting)

Bruce tried to kill himself again, I think. >_>; This time he managed to rip off a good-sized piece of skin on his back that exposed the muscle underneath, so I had to take him in for stitches. (there went $230) The next day he had ripped out two of the stitches and re-opened part of the tear. *head!desk* Apparently cats aren't supposed to be able to reach back there with their mouths, but he can (told you he is Batman!). So now he has staples holding the wound closed. Poor kitty. :( And he has to wear the cone of lampshade-ness and be made fun of continuously. I confess, I did giggle when he kept running into stuff at first. I'm a bad mom.

So, um, I've been watching Yu-Gi-Oh *hides from saiou* and I think I'm in love with Kaiba Seto. Mmm, snarkiness. XD (the only reason Yami beat Seto in Battle City is because he cheats. seriously. bastard.)

/end random update
Tags: angels and demons, bruce, kaiba seto, movies, new layout, star trek, tennessee renaissance festival, wolverine
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